About E-Assist

Lonpac E-Assist...Your Convenience is Our Commitment

More than just a motor insurance, as part of our continuous effort to ensure your convenience and security, Lonpac Insurance Bhd provides you Lonpac E-Assist, 24-hours emergency car assistance programme. It is exclusively designed for all private car insurance policyholders since 1st October 2014 in collaboration with established and reputable service providers.

We have dedicated Helpline numbers for your convenience in the effort to provide exceptional customer care and enhance efficiency and productivity in services rendered.  Our Helpline number is (65) 6308 9528.

With Lonpac E-Assist, all you need is just a phone call during car breakdown and we will be there with reliable assistance to get you on your way.

What Is Lonpac E-Assist?

Lonpac E-Assist is a 24-hour emergency car assistance programme, provided by Lonpac to all Lonpac's private car insurance policyholders since 1st October 2014. It provides car assistance within Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia excluding the islands except for Penang and Langkawi.

Who Is Eligible?

Lonpac's private car insurance policyholders. These benefits start upon commencement of your motor insurance cover and your motor insurance must be in force at all times for you to enjoy the benefits.

Who Needs Lonpac E-Assist?

Any car driver who may encounter car breakdown or accident on the road, be it major or minor. Which means, you or any of your authorised drivers will find Lonpac E-Assist services useful and convenient.

Policyholders' Benefits
1. 24-Hour Minor Roadside Repairs and Emergency Towing Services
  • Minor Roadside Repairs
    If your car is immobilised due to a breakdown, the mechanic sent to assist you will try to repair your car on the spot. The minor roadside repairs service provided are : 
    • Jumpstart
    • Change Tyre
    • Change Battery
    • Delivery Petrol
    • Minor mechanical repairs

Minor roadside repairs are any repairs that are deemed possible on the spot.

  • Emergency Towing Services
    In the event of car breakdown  where it is not possible to repair your car on the spot, Lonpac E-Assist will tow your car to the nearest workshop for repair.
    However, if it is due to accident, Lonpac E-Assist will tow your car to Lonpac's Authorised Repair Centres for repairs.

Note: Car in this context means the named vehicle insured by Lonpac under its private car insurance policy.

2. Car Rental Referral Services
Lonpac E-Assist will also assist you to arrange for car rental, in the event you require urgent use of another car following a breakdown or an accident.
3. Arrangement for Hotel Accommodation
If your car breakdown or an accident happens late at night, you may need to spend a night in the area. Lonpac E-Assist will assist you with hotel reservation at a nearby hotel.
4. Emergency Message Transmission
Lonpac E-Assist will also assist you to send an emergency message transmission to your loved ones in the event you are too traumatized after an accident or car breakdown.



All cost incurred in towing, repairs or replacement of car spare parts (except for cases with accident claims) or services, if any will be borne by the policyholder.