Lonpac E-Assist...Your Convenience is Our Commitment

More than just a motor insurance, as part of our continuous effort to ensure your convenience and security, Lonpac Insurance Bhd provides you Lonpac E-Assist, a complimentary emergency car assistance programme. It is exclusively designed for motor policyholders of Comprehensive Private Car and policyholders of E-Assist Smart Driver Personal Accident insurance (SDPA). 

In order to ensure prompt availability of towing services at scenes of accidents and breakdowns, our service provider has engaged a carefully selected panel of reliable tow truck operators located throughout Malaysia.

With Lonpac E-Assist, all you need is just a phone call away at 1-300-88-1138 during car breakdown or accident and we will be there with reliable assistance to get you on your way.

What Is Lonpac E-Assist?

Lonpac E-Assist is a complimentary 24-hour emergency car assistance programme, provided by Lonpac to all Lonpac's Comprehensive Private Car policyholders and policyholders of E-Assist Smart Driver Personal Accident insurance (SDPA) .

Member Benefits
1. 24-Hour Minor Roadside Repairs and Emergency Towing Services
  • Minor Roadside Repairs
    If your car is immobilised due to a breakdown, the mechanic sent to assist you will try to repair your car on the spot. Minor roadside repairs are any repairs that are deemed possible on the spot. 
    • Jump-Start and Battery Replacement Services
    • Changing of Flat Tyre Services
    • Petrol Assistance Services 
  • Emergency Towing Services
    In the event where it is not possible to repair your car on the spot, Lonpac E-Assist will provide you with free towing services up to a maximum limit of RM400 per event (round trip). If towing is due to breakdown, you may either tow the car to your preferred workshop or back to your home. However, if it is due to accident, Lonpac E-Assist will tow your car to the nearest police station to lodge a police report and then to Lonpac’s panel of workshop or an authorised franchise repairer / dealer (car manufacturer service centre) for repairs.


Note: Car in this context means the named vehicle insured by Lonpac under its Comprehensive Private Car insurance policy or Third Party Fire & Theft car insurance policy with E-Assist Smart Driver Personal Accident insurance (SDPA).


2. Car Locksmith Services
If you are locked out of your car, we will arrange for a Locksmith to assist and unlock your car for Free. If it is not possible to unlock your car, we will arrange for Free car towing to the nearest Lonpac's Panel of Workshop or your preferred workshop up to a Maximum Limit of RM400 per event (round trip).

3. Transmission of Emergency Information
Upon request, we will send urgent messages (call or text message) to your family, friends and business colleagues during an emergency for Free.

4. Car Rental Referral Services
Lonpac E-Assist will also assist you to arrange for car rental, in the event you require urgent use of another car following a breakdown or an accident.
5. Arrangement for Hotel Accommodation
If a breakdown or an accident happens late at night, you may need to spend a night in the area. Lonpac E-Assist will assist you with hotel reservation at a nearby hotel.
1. Benefit No. 1

Labour will be provided for FREE for the minor roadside repairs and / or the emergency towing services. Any cost incurred such as battery, new tyre or petrol will be borne by your goodself.

In the event it is not possible to repair your car on the spot, Lonpac E-Assist will provide you with free towing of your car up to a maximum limit of RM400 per event (round trip).

However, should the total towing charges exceed RM400, the extra charges incurred shall be borne by your goodself.

All costs incurred in the workshop including replacement of car spare parts and road toll charges, if any, will be borne by your goodself, except for cases with accident claims.

2. Benefits no. 4 and 5
Services provided are purely on referral arrangement basis and all costs incurred will be borne by your goodself.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility is reserved solely for Lonpac's motor policyholders of Comprehensive Private Car and policyholders of E-Assist Smart Driver Personal Accident insurance (SDPA). Your membership starts upon commencement of your insurance cover and your insurance must be in force at all times for you to enjoy the benefits.

Who Needs Lonpac E-Assist?

Any car driver who may encounter car breakdown or accident on the road, be it major or minor. Which means, you or any of your authorised drivers will find Lonpac E-Assist services useful and convenient.




  • Where the provision of the services is required during Events of Force Majeure
  • Where any  such services is interrupted and / or, delayed due to nationwide power failure, or in any way affected due to Events of Force Majeure
  • Member or the authorised driver did not possess a valid driving license issued by a competent authority
  • The car concerned had been modified for racing, trials or rallying or participating in such activities
  • The car concerned was carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than for which it was designed as stated in the manufacturer's specifications or arising directly from unreasonable driving of the car on unsuitable terrain
  • The car concerned was not in a road worthy condition and had not been regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's specification
  • Services not organised directly by Lonpac E-Assist
  • Towing from a workshop to another workshop
  • Towing service for a mechanical breakdown due to lack of oil, petrol, water, frost damage
  • Where the breakdown occurred in a non-gazetted road and where information on the location of the car is insufficient or not available
  • Cost of repair or replacement of parts and components in the workshop
  • Failure of the member or driver to take any reasonable precautions or to follow warnings of any intended strike, riot or civil commotion via the mass media
  • Any illegal or unlawful act by the member or driver for any unlawful or illegal purposes
  • Any commercial car
  • Any act of God (eg: Flood)
  • Towing of a stolen insured car which has been discovered, abandoned or vandalized


Please feel free to call our Customer Service Department at 03-2262 8666 / 03-2723 7888 ,or alternatively you may email us at should you would like to obtain a copy of the Lonpac E-Assist Membership Guide.