About Home-Assist

What Is Lonpac Home-Assist?

Lonpac Home-Assist is a complimentary referral assistance programme provided to all Lonpac's Houseowner, Householder, Home Secure Plus and Mortgage Home Secure Plus policyholders. A helpline is provided to connect you to the right help when you encounter inconveniences. Call the helpline and arrangements will be made for the required service provider to contact you.


Lonpac Home-Assist referral services can be engaged in the following situations:

1. Electrical Assistance
  • Electrical wiring problems
  • Device failure
2. Plumbing Assistance
  • Clogging of water supply or drainage system
  • Leakage of water pipe (excluding water tap)
  • Bursting and/or overflowing of domestic water tanks or pipe
3. Air-Conditioning Services
  • Malfunctioned or defective air-conditioning (after the warranty period)
4. Locksmith Assistance
  • Insured not being in possession of their home keys
  • Insured accidentally locked out from own home.
5. Pest Control Services
  • Home is infested with pests such as bees, termites and other insects.
6. Leaking Roof
7. Cleaning and Restoration of Carpets
  • Carpet is stained or requires spring cleaning.



There will be a nominal fee for each house visit. All cost, expenses and related charges incurred in completing the job shall be borne entirely and directly by the Insured.  

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility is for Lonpac's Houseowner/Householder policyholders.  

Who Needs Lonpac Home-Assist?

Anyone who encounter the above-mentioned inconveniences at home. Which means, you or your family members at home will find Lonpac Home-Assist referral services useful and convenient.