Lonpac Insurance Bhd ("Lonpac") recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility towards the entire community it operates in.

Taking into consideration the impact where economic, social and environmental factors are concerned, the Group upholds its generosity in giving the community its utmost attention in lots of ways be it in areas of education, sports, healthcare, social welfare programme for senior and needy citizens as well as in complementing the Government's call to road safety campaigns.

The Group strongly believes in combining its responsibility between achieving its corporate mission and contributing to the corporate social responsibility activities, to fulfill its obligations to the shareholders and also to the public at large. The setting up of "CSRSC" is in line with the Vision 2020 which has the central objectives to achieve a society infused by strong moral & ethical values, democratic, liberal and tolerant, caring, economically just and equitable, progressive and prosperous, which perfectly reflect the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR").


The company is committed to achieving our vision in line with the Group's Corporate Mission through:-

  • Focusing on the responsibilities emphasised in our Corporate Philosophy
  • Heartening the communities in which we operate
  • Creating a safe and conducive working environment for our employees with great concerns on their safety, health and welfare; and
  • Minimising our impact on the environment through implementation of environmental-friendly work processes
A CSR Committee was set up in 2008 in line with the Vision 2020 which has the central objectives to achieve a society infused by:


  strong moral and ethical values     democratic    
  liberal and tolerant     caring    
  economically just and equitable     progressive; and    

The term of reference of the CSR Committee is "to carry out Corporate Social Responsibilty activities in line with the CSR Vision".

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