e-Payment Facility


For your convenience, we encourage you to sign-up for the Electronic Credit Payment (ECP) facility to allow your Insurance Refund Premium and Insurance Claims Payment to be transferred into your bank account in a faster, convenient and safer way.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.     Why should I choose to receive my refund premium and claims payment via e-payment?

v Faster
Faster access to your funds as payment will be directly credited to your bank account;
v Convenient
Eliminates the inconvenience of having to travel to the bank to deposit the cheque;
v Safer
Misplaced, lost, expired cheques or fraud will no longer be an issue.

2.     Will there be any charge?
No, you can enjoy the service free of charge.
3.     What do I have to do to receive my refund premium or claims payment via e-payment?
Ø If you want Lonpac to verify the bank account information for you:
·        Provide your own bank account number to Lonpac;
·        Provide the 1st page of the bank passbook or latest bank statement to Lonpac for verification purpose.
Ø If you want the Bank to verify the bank account information for you:
·         Provide your own bank account number to Lonpac;
·         Important Note: Please ensure the IC Number or Business Registration Number maintained by your bank is same as the number you lodged with Lonpac.
·        The disadvantage of dependence on the banks to validate is higher rejection rate by the bank mainly due to mismatch of the IC Number or Business Registration Number (different banks keep these numbers in different formats e.g. with or without ' - ' or space). If the transaction is rejected, it will definitely delay the crediting of the money into your bank account.
4.     When will my bank account be credited?
Once your request for premium refund or claims payment has been approved, funds will be made available in your bank account latest by the next working day of the payment date, depending on your bank’s process.
5.     How will I be notified once Lonpac has made the payment?
You will be notified via e-mail and/or SMS if you have provided us with your e-mail address and hand phone number. Otherwise, a notification letter will be sent to you via post. For any enquiries, please contact Astrid Cheong at 03-27237753 or e-mail to astridcheong@lonpac.com