Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section highlights the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for our Malaysian operations.


Motor Claims
1. What should I do in the event of an accident?
In the event of an accident, you should call Lonpac E-Assist Helpline no and ensure that your vehicle is sent to ' Lonpac's Panel of Workshops ' or an authorized franchise repairer/dealer (car manufacturer service centre). A police report should be lodged within 24 hours. You are also required to notify us of the accident immediately whereupon we shall advise you of the procedures & furnish you with a claim form to be duly completed & returned to us together with all the other relevant documents requested.

If your vehicle is involved in a minor accident whereby you may not want to make a claim on your own policy but the accident involved third party property damage or third party bodily injury, please contact our Claims Dept & we shall advise you on the next course of action.


2. Which workshop do I send my vehicle to? Do you have any panel of repairers?
As mentioned above, you must send your vehicle to one of the workshops in our panel as listed in the booklet or an authorized franchise repairer/dealer (car manufacturer service centre).


3. How fast can the claim be settled?
Your claim will be processed once the adjuster's report and all the other relevant documents are received by us. It is therefore important for you to ensure that all your documents are furnished to us without any delay in order for us to expedite your claim.


4. After a survey is conducted by the adjusters, can I proceed to ask the repairer to commence with the repairs?
Our adjusters will submit their survey report to us upon completion of the survey. Upon receipt of their report together with the other relevant documents, we shall process & approve the claim, following which we shall issue an approval letter to you. Only then can you advise the repairer of our approval amount so that they could proceed with the repairs based on the amount approved.


5. What should I do if I want to make a third party claim against the insurers of the vehicle that had knocked into my vehicle?
Firstly, you should lodge a police report & notify us of the accident accordingly. Then, you should find out who the third party Insurers are in order for you to submit a claim to them officially.

For a third party property damage claim on your vehicle, you have to appoint an independent adjuster to survey your vehicle. You are advised to contact the third party Insurers to find out whether they require you to use their panel of adjusters & repairers, if any. As for the documents to support your claim, please find below the list for your ease of reference:
  1. Police report
  2. Police investigation results
  3. Adjuster's report together with the original photographs
  4. A copy of the vehicle registration card
  5. A copy of the road tax disc
  6. Copies of your NRIC & driving license/ the driver's NRIC & driving license
  7. A copy of the insurance policy schedule
Please attach an official letter of claim stating the breakdown of your claim. You can claim the following items:
  1. Cost of repairs
  2. Adjuster's fees
  3. Loss of use of your vehicle (by number of days) or rental charges if you have rented a vehicle. However, for rental of vehicles, Insurers will still base the number of days on the adjuster's recommendations in their report.
  4. Cost of documents i.e. police report, RIMV search fees & etc.
However, if you have made an Own Damage claim (i.e. claim on your own policy for the repairs to your vehicle), you are still entitled to claim from the third party Insurers your uninsured losses i.e. loss of NCB in monetary terms, excess amount paid and the loss of usage of your vehicle. The documents to be submitted are similar to the above except the adjuster's report and original photographs which will be furnished by us to the third party Insurers upon request.

Meanwhile, with effect from 1st June 2001, in the event that your vehicle is knocked by a Third Party vehicle (excluding buses, taxis, and hire vehicle) and you have a comprehensive policy, you may refer the claim to us directly. Provided also that there is no personal injury claim involved. Your NCD shall not be forfeited if you are not at fault.
Non-Motor Claims
1. What should I do in the event of a claim?
Firstly, LONPAC should be notified immediately by way of phone/fax/letter/e-mail. In the event of fire, burglary, break-in claims or any attempt thereat, police report should be lodged. For windstorm or lightning damage claims, lodging a police report is not necessary as a technical report from the repairer is sufficient. LONPAC will then appoint an independent adjuster to survey the loss on a without prejudice basis and they will be contacting you for a survey. You are also advised to do the following:
  1. take all steps within your power to minimize the extent of the loss or damage
  2. preserve the parts affected and make them available for the inspection by our representative or adjuster
  3. furnish all such information and documentary evidence as required by us.
2. Can I proceed with the repairs before Lonpac view the damage?
Preferably not, as this would mean the evidence or the cause of the damage may not be present anymore. Furthermore, the prices charged by your contractor may be higher than the actual market price or we may be able to get a lower quotation from another contractor.

However, if the repairs need to be done immediately / urgently in order to mitigate the loss, e.g. in the case of windstorm damage to the roof during the weekend, you are advised to take photographs of the damaged roof or keep the damaged property as evidence. These repairs should be carried out on a without prejudice basis to the terms and conditions of the policy as policy liability has yet to be established.
Electronic Credit Payment (ECP)
1. Why should I choose to receive funds via ECP?
  • Faster - funds are available in your bank account on the same day or latest by the following day of payment date. Payment will be made within 7 working days upon submission of complete documents·                  
  • Convenient - removes the need to travel and deposit the cheque at the bank as payments are credited directly into your bank account·                 
  • Safer - misplaced, lost, fraud or expired cheques will no longer be an issue


2. Will there be any registration fee imposed if I want to use ECP?
No, you can enjoy the service free of ANY charges.


3. What do I have to do to receive funds via ECP?
You are required to complete the ECP Authorization Form which can be downloaded from our website and provide the required supporting documents upon submission of any claims.
If you have informed us of your intention to use ECP, you must remember to update us if there are any changes to your bank account.
4. What are the required supporting documents if I choose to receive ECP?

The following original documents are required for verification:

  • NRIC,  passport, or other acceptable identification documents; and
  • A (a) bank statement; OR (b) bank account passbook; OR (c) bank slip; (d) details of your account printed from your bank’s website that has been certified by your bank; OR (e) letter from your bank confirming your bank account details; and
  • Electronic Credit Payment (ECP) Authorisation form duly signed (obtained from the claims department or downloaded from our website)

*  Please note that we deem the claims payment into the Account details provided in the ECP form shall be a valid discharge of Our liability under the Policy. As such, please ensure that the information provided by you in the ECP form is valid and accurate as We shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, claims, costs and/or expenses which may be incurred as a result of such payments made into the said Account in accordance with your instructions therein.

5. Is there any restriction on the type of bank account that can be assigned for ECP?

You can assign any of your existing active saving or current account held under your name or in the case of a joint account that has your name as one of the account holders. The saving or current account must be maintained with one of the financial institutions offering MEPS Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) service.

Please refer to the following website for a current list of IBG members.

6. Can I change my bank account details?
Yes, you are allowed to change your bank account details by submitting the relevant ECP Authorization Form together with the required supporting documents substantiating your request to Us. No cost will be charged for this purpose. 
7. When will my bank account be credited?
Upon receipt of the original duly signed Discharge Voucher and other supporting documents, we will process your payment within 7 working days. Payment will be made electronically into your bank account by Us as soon as your claim payment has been approved. Generally, funds will be made available in your bank account within the same day of payment. However, depending on the processes adopted by your bank,  you may receive the payment on the same day or a day after.
8. Will I be notified once Lonpac has made the payment?
Yes, an email or SMS will be sent to you once the payment has been made. Therefore, you are required to provide your email address or mobile phone number for receiving electronic notification in the ECP form.
9. How will my bank account information be used and will it remain confidential?
Your bank account details and other related information:
  • Will be used solely for the purpose of enabling payments to be credited directly into your bank account; and
  • Is protected under the Financial Services Act (FSA) 2013 that strictly prohibits the disclosure of such information to any person unless customer or his personal representative has given written permission. It should be noted that by signing the relevant form to provide your bank account information, you will be authorising the disclosure of your bank account information to parties’ necessary to effect a payment to you e.g. insurance company, financial institutions.


10. What will happen to funds that cannot be credited into my bank account?

If funds cannot be credited into your bank account due to, for example, incorrect bank account number, closed or inactive bank account, we will contact you to validate your bank account details. However, this may lead to unnecessary delay to the payment process.


To avoid this issue, please ensure that your bank account is correct and active upon providing such information to Us. Otherwise, We will arrange the payment to you via cheque.


11. I have previously claimed from Lonpac and already provided my bank details and supporting documents. Do I need to re-submit the bank supporting document every time I submit a claim?

You can on the onset inform the claims department that you want all your claims to be paid into the same account number. With this arrangement you will not be required to inform us every time you make a claim. However, you must always remember to update your account details if there are any changes. 
12. Is it compulsory for me to fill up the bank a/c section of the ECP Authorization From? What If I do not wish to reveal my banking details – how do I get paid?
ECP is the most efficient and safest mode of payment. However, in the event you do not wish to receive payments directly to your bank account, you need not provide your bank account details. Payments will still be made to you in the form of cheques or bank drafts.
13. I am a foreign worker. I do not have bank account. Can I authorize payment to my employer’s bank account?
It is always advisable for an employee, either a Malaysian or a foreigner to open a bank account. However, if you do not have a bank account, you can authorize the payment to your employer’s bank account. This, however, is a private arrangement between the yourself and your employer. Lonpac will not be liable in the event the payment is not paid out by your employer to you.
14. I have been blacklisted by the Bank/adjudicated a bankrupt and unable to open a bank account.  How do I get paid?
You can provide your spouse/relative’s bank account details for the amount to be credited. An authorization letter from the Payee is required. The arrangement to use someone else’s account is your own private arrangement. Lonpac will not be liable in the event the payment is not paid out to you.