Contact Details

Lonpac's contact numbers are only available during office hours. After office hours please click here to submit your request and we shall contact you once your full request information has been received successfully.

Lonpac's Office Hours & Contact Numbers
 Office Hour: Monday to Thursday8.45am to 5.45pm
 Office Hour: Friday8.45am to 4.45pm
 General Line Numbers03-2262 8688 / 03-2723 7888
 Customer Service's Contact Number03-2262 8666
 Customer Service's Fax Number03-2715 1332


Lonpac Home-Assist

Helpline Number: 1-300-88-1138 or 03-2053 5748
Lonpac Home-Assist is a complimentary referral assistance programme provided to all Lonpac's Houseowner and Householder policyholders. A helpline is provided to connect you to the right help when you encounter inconveniences. Call the helpline 1-300-88 -1138 and arrangements will be made for the required service provider to contact you. More info on Lonpac Home-Assist »



Lonpac E-Assist

Helpline Number: 1-300-88-1138
Lonpac E-Assist is a complimentary 24-hour emergency car assistance programme, provided by Lonpac to all Lonpac's comprehensive private car insurance policyholders since October 2001. More info on Lonpac E-Assist »  



Travel Assist

If you purchase Easy Travel, TravelNet or Biz Travel: (603) 7628 3835
In the event of a covered emergency, call collect the Travel Assist 24-hours Alarm Centre and quote the Insurance Company, Your Name and Identity Card/Passport Number when seeking assistance.