Insurance Premium Payment Channels

1.     Lonpac Website
·         Pay online anytime anywhere via our Internet Insurance Portal
·         Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or via FPX direct debit.
·         Note that a one-time online registration and activation is required (refer FAQ below).
2.     Public Bank (PBB) Internet Banking
·         If you have an Internet Banking account with PBB, you can logon to and pay online using your current or savings account or by credit card.
·         Upon login, click on “Payment > Bill Payment > Corporate Code > Lonpac"
3.     JomPay on Internet and Mobile Banking
·         With JomPay, you can make premium payments (available for payment with Policy Number or Cover Note Number only. Due to data length limitations, Policy Endorsement Number is not accepted by JomPay) to us via the internet or mobile banking at your preferred bank using funds from your savings, current or credit card accounts. JomPay is absolutely free for you. For more information on obtaining internet banking or mobile banking access, please contact your bank.
·         How to make payment with JomPay?
o         Look for the JomPay logo and Biller code 6288 (a unique number to identify Lonpac) on your Tax Invoice or Renewal Notice.
JomPay online at Internet and Mobile Banking with
your Current, Savings or Credit Card account.
o         Log on to your preferred internet or mobile banking and look for JomPay.
o         Enter the payment reference numbers "Ref-1" and "Ref-2" (which are printed next to the JomPay logo on your bill) and confirm the payment.
4.     Inter-Bank Giro (IBG)
·         If you have an Internet Banking account, you can make online payment to us via IBG.
·        You can also visit any IBG participating bank branches and fill in the Interbank GIRO form to make payment.
o     Lonpac Bank Account Number 98990000000371 (For Individual Policyholders Only)
The details mentioned below will be required for payment via IBG:
Beneficiary Bank
Beneficiary Name
Lonpac Insurance Bhd
Beneficiary Account Number
(14 Digits)
Recipient Reference
Key in the “Policy Number"
Other Payment Details
Key in the “Agency Account Number"
e.g. W59005KUL7
·         Important note :
Please ensure all the details provided are complete and accurate. We might not be able to process your payment if there is no payment information provided, or the details provided are incomplete and inaccurate. Please email the payment details to;
o     For Corporate Clients and Intermediaries that have been allotted with a “CIMB Virtual Account", please use the account number allotted to you to make payment via IBG.  
o     For agents and other corporate clients, we recommend you to pay online via Lonpac Website. The online payment service provided at is one of the easiest and most convenient way to made premium payments to Lonpac ( refer FAQ for more information).
5.     Direct to us (payment via Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / Debit Card)
·         If you prefer to make payment personally, please visit our Head Office or our nearest Branch.
·         Please click here to view our Operation Hours.
6.     Mail (payment via Cheque / Bank Draft / Postal Order / Money Order / Credit Card / Debit Card only)
·        Cheque should be made payable to “Lonpac Insurance Bhd". Indicate the Policy Number, Insured’s Name & Contact Number on the reverse side of the cheque and mail together with :
o    Proposal Form (for New Policy), or
o    Renewal Notice (for Policy Renewal).
·         For credit card or debit card payment :
o    For New Policy and Policy Endorsement, please call Customer Service to obtain the Credit Card Authorization Form (Form AF-1), complete and mail to us together with Proposal Form (for New Policy only).
o    For Policy Renewal, please complete the credit card information section in the Renewal Notice and mail to us.
o    Consent from cardholder is required if you are using a third party’s credit card.
·         Mail to :
Lonpac Insurance Bhd,
P.O. Box 10708,
50722 Kuala Lumpur
7.     Fax (payment via Credit Card or Debit Card only)
·         For New Policy and Policy Endorsement, please call Customer Service to obtain the Credit Card Authorization Form (Form AF-1), complete and fax to us together with Proposal Form (for New Policy only).
·         For Policy Renewal, please complete the credit card information section on the Renewal Notice and fax to 03-2715-1332 (Attn: Customer Service).
8.     Public Bank (PBB) Counter (payment via Cash or Cheque only)
·        You can also remit the insurance premium to us at the nearest PBB branch.
·        Collection account number 3999208833 is solely for payment over PBB counter.
      Please complete “Lonpac Insurance Bhd Bank-in Slip" provided at PBB’s counters.
      Sample of Bank-in Slip as attached.
·         A single cheque is acceptable for payment of multiple insurance policies or cover notes, however the payer is required by the bank to fill up separate Bank-in Slip for each policy or cover note (e.g. to pay five policies with one cheque, five Bank-in Slip are required).
·        For enquiries, please call Customer Service.
·         Please do not send cash payments through the mail.
·         Kindly ensure that adequate time is allowed for processing and clearance of payments.
·         All non-cash payments should be crossed “Account Payee" and made payable to LONPAC INSURANCE BHD.
·         Write your name & policy number at the back of the cheque or money order.
·         Please ensure that you keep the proof of your premium payment. 
Frequently Asked Questions
1.     What is FPX?
Financial Process Exchange (FPX) is a payment gateway that allows you to make real time online payments using your current or savings account. All you need is an internet banking account with any of the FPX participating banks.
2.     What are the participating banks for FPX?
·         Affin Bank
·         Bank Islam
·         CIMB Bank
·         Hong Leong Bank
·         Maybank
·         Public Bank
·         RHB Bank
3.     How to use FPX?
(i)       Please ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
(ii)     Select FPX as your payment option at
(iii)   Select you preferred bank and you will be directed to the internet banking log-in page.
(iv)  Once the transaction is successful, you will receive separate notification from Lonpac and your bank.
4.     How will FPX benefit our policyholders and intermediaries?
The online payment service provided at is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make premium payments to Lonpac, especially for those with many transactions. It allows the policyholders and intermediaries to view the outstanding policies, select the policies to be paid and make the payment on-line at anytime, anywhere.
The policyholders and intermediaries can choose to pay multiple policies in one transaction by selecting the policy numbers involved. Once the payment is successful, the payment information will be automatically updated to the statement of account with Lonpac immediately. The policyholders and intermediaries do not need to advise Lonpac, the payment details separately.
5.     Do I have to register with MyClear (Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd) before making payments with FPX?
No registration is required with MyClear. However, you need to register with Lonpac and have an Internet Banking account with any of the FPX participating banks.
6.     How to I sign up to use Lonpac e-Insurance services to make insurance payment?
(i)    Customers Login (Malaysia)
·         Individual customers are required to register online via our Internet Insurance Portal by completing the Online User Registration Form.
(ii)   Intermediaries and Corporate Login
·         To access and use the Lonpac e-Insurance System, the intermediaries and corporate clients must maintain an agency account with us.
·         You are required to fill in the e-Insurance User Request Form (please call Customer Service to obtain the form) and submit to our IT Department for approval. Upon approval, you will be assigned an User ID and Password.